What to expect during a Distant Reiki treatment?

The beauty of a Distant Reiki healing treatment is that it takes place in the safety and comfort of your own home.  You don’t need to live nearby, you don’t need to leave the house and you don’t need to drive home afterwards – you can even stay in your PJs!  

The appointment takes place over Zoom and you may like to lie on your sofa or bed with a blanket and glass of water to hand.  I suggest you ask the others in your household to give you some time to yourself (yes, you do deserve it!) and you may like to use earphones to block out any noise at your end.   

We start with a short consultation to discuss your reasons for Reiki and set intentions for the treatment. You can then put your phone or laptop down (or switch your camera off) for a short, guided Mindfulness meditation to calm the mind, relax the body and help you receive the healing Reiki energy. All you have to do is close your eyes and relax.

After the Mindfulness meditation, I start the Distant Reiki treatment by channelling the healing energy directly to your Chakras, the seven energy centres of your body. You may experience the Reiki energy as heat, cold or mild tingling, or you may see colours or flashes of light. Often, my clients find the treatment so relaxing that they drift off to sleep! 

Because we are working with energy we do not need to be in the same room (or country!) for Reiki to work.  Most of my in-person Reiki clients switched to Distant Reiki during the COVID-19 lockdowns and this is what they had to say:

“That treatment was sooo relaxing. It felt like the months of lockdown anxiety just melted away and I slept well last night for the first time in ages. I really needed it, when can I book in again?!”

“Thank you so much Emma, it was so nice to relax and have my ‘Reiki Reset’ again. I feel so much better and back to a normal level of calm, I didn’t realise how much I had missed my Reiki treatments.”

“I had a really good sleep last night and when I woke it felt like there had been a big shift in energy, like a heavy weight had been lifted off me. I really appreciate you bringing Reiki into my life Emma, you have such a gift.”

When the treatment comes to a close, I slowly guide you back to the present.  If you have fallen asleep, I will end the video call and check in with you later via Whatsapp.  If you are awake at the end of the treatment, you can return to the present with a glass of water while we discuss any observations and self-care advice.

From my perspective, Distant Reiki has given me the opportunity to work with wonderful women all over the world from Denver, New York, Paris, Geneva, Saudi Arabia and India, as  well as throughout the UK.  I have also found Distant Reiki to be incredibly powerful: by focusing only on your Chakras, I am able to ‘read’ your energy field more clearly and, as a result, I can provide much more detailed, personalised feedback after the treatment.  Distant Reiki is different to an in-person treatment, but it’s definitely not second best!

How many Distant Reiki treatments will I need?

Some of my clients book a Reiki treatment as a ‘top-up’ when they are feeling under the weather, or need some time to relax, and just one treatment can make all the difference! Others have regular treatments to help them feel better, function better and sleep better and to maintain their overall health and wellbeing.

However, if you have a specific concern it is important to remember that it has taken years to create the current energy dynamic and a regular course of treatments will be needed to clear blocked energy, restore the energy field and strengthen it over time. Generally, the more long-standing the concern, the more Reiki treatments will be required. Energy healing is a process that is different for each person so we will discuss your Reiki treatment plan together, however there is no pressure to re-book and it is always your decision how you would like to proceed.

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