Hello!  I’m Emma and I’m so glad you’re here.

I know you’ve struggled with your weight for years, or perhaps your relationship with food is filled with guilt and anxiety. Maybe you’re a veteran of countless diets or you’re ashamed of your body when you look in the mirror.

We all have a body and we all need to eat but does it have to be this hard?
Surely there must be an easier way…

As a professional coach with a personal interest in Mindfulness and Mindful Eating, I help women like you rediscover a balanced, peaceful relationship with food, eating and body. I created the Mindful Eating coaching programme because I have been where you are now, and I learned that what you eat is only half the story: the other half is why and how you eat. Mindful Eating helped me find the ‘middle way’ and I would love to help you do the same.  Work with me to:

  • Heal your relationship with food and rediscover an easy pleasure in eating that is your birthright as a human being.
  • Replace anxiety and rigid control with respect for the inner wisdom of your body.
  • Unleash the shackles of dieting, unwanted food habits and emotional eating to find freedom and peace with food.
  • Love and accept your body for the amazing creation it is and learn how to nurture yourself with kindness.

Mindful Eating coaching programme

The Mindful Eating coaching programme is designed to explore your unique challenges with food, eating and body within a safe environment, free from judgement and criticism.  We approach Mindful Eating with a combination of curiosity and compassion to :

  • Investigate the different types of hunger that compel us to eat
  • Explore the sensations of hunger, satisfaction and fullness
  • Understand the impact of unwanted food habits and how to break them
  • Identify the causes of emotional eating and learn how to nourish yourself without food.

This coaching programme is based on my own experience with Mindful Eating and it has been shaped by working with many wonderful clients.  I know it can be difficult to look into our struggles with food, eating and body as they can be the source of anxiety, shame and guilt.  However, exploring the root of these challenges is the only way to see through them and find a more balanced way forward.  Whatever your challenges might be, I offer a warm and positive coaching partnership to support you with every step of your Mindful Eating journey.

Tell me more about the Mindful Eating programme

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If you’d like to know more about the Mindful Eating coaching programme and discuss whether it’s right for you, please enter your details below and I’ll get in contact to schedule a free 30-minute taster session.

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“Emma’s coaching is instinctive. She’ll make an observation that is absolutely spot on and it was often only after the session had finished that I would realise how important it was. She’s empathetic, warm and funny, while also comfortable to challenge me and hold me to account – which is exactly what I needed.”

Lisa, Surrey UK

“Emma exudes warmth and sensitivity: she put me naturally at ease in our sessions and encouraged me to talk things out in a safe space. Through a balance of careful listening and questioning she helped me identify and prioritise what is important to me and come up with actions to make positive change. As a result of her coaching, I have moved from feeling stuck to feeling empowered.”

Jenny, Yorkshire UK

“Emma is warmth and strength personified. As I talk through the ramblings in my brain, she hears such distinct clarity and plays the words back to me as if they have always been there. Following a coaching session with Emma I feel calm, clear and supported in the belief that it is absolutely possible to take the action that I have been fearing. Always there, always smiling and always on my side (challenging but on my side!).”

Chloe, London UK