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Introduction to Mindfulness meditation

Rediscover the peace and contentment you’re searching for

A FREE online workshop on Wednesday 21 July from 1 pm to 2pm BST

The simple definition of Mindfulness is ‘to be aware of your own experience, moment to moment, without judgement’. However, this explanation does not describe how Mindfulness has the ability to free us from stress, exhaustion, anxiety and depression. Mindfulness is quite the buzz-word these days and with good reason: research studies show that regular practice can positively change the way the brain functions to permanently improve our underlying levels of happiness – a remarkable feat for a practice that is quick, easy and free!

This Mindfulness workshop is for you if:

  • You find yourself worrying and anxious about the future, especially during these challenging times.
  • You struggle with an over-thinking mind that you can’t seem to quiet.
  • You’re stressed and exhausted and want to learn a powerful tool to rediscover peace and contentment.
  • You have mental health challenges such as anxiety or depression.

The meditation was lovely and just what I needed after a stressful morning. It’s so helpful to know that I don’t have to clear my mind of thoughts, and even though I had to bring my attention back to the breath many times, it’s definitely becoming easier with practice.”
Jo, Introduction to Mindfulness workshop

Join my experiential workshop to:

  • Explore the benefits of Mindfulness meditation
  • Understand the role of Mindfulness in treating poor mental health, especially depression
  • Learn how Mindfulness positively changes the brain through regular practice
  • Experience a guided Mindfulness meditation with time to discuss your learning.

About your workshop host

Emma is a professional Coach, Positive Psychology practitioner, Mindfulness meditation teacher and Mental Health First Aider. She has a special interest in Wellbeing Coaching and partners with her clients to help them rediscover optimum health and happiness for the mind, body, heart and soul. Emma has practised Mindfulness for many years and finds it an invaluable tool to calm an over-thinking mind, relieve stress and find peace among the frantic pace of day-to-day life. Emma delivers workshops, courses and one-to-one coaching for individuals and organisations.