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Stress Busters Workshop

Learn practical strategies to reduce stress, build resilience and thrive.

An online workshop on Friday 25 June 2021 from 12 noon to 2pm

There’s no doubt that living through the last year of COVID-19 has been incredibly stressful for all of us. Collectively we have experienced employment and financial worries, loss of freedom and a fear of the unknown which, combined with restrictions on the things we would usually enjoy, has lead to unprecedented levels of stress. This online Stress Buster Workshop will introduce practical strategies to reduce stress, plus tools to help you rebuild resilience in order to thrive at home and at work.

Join my experiential two-hour workshop to:

  • Explore the good, bad and downright ugly of stress
  • Understand what happens in the brain and the body when we experience stress
  • Recognise your own signs and symptoms of stress
  • Explore your personal stressors and how to manage them
  • Understand the fine balance between external and internal stress
  • Learn powerful Mindfulness techniques to reduce stress in-the-moment.

You will come away with:

  • A clear understanding of what stress is and how it affects your mind and body
  • Tools to take control and manage your stressors
  • An understanding of how mindset contributes to stress and how to choose a perspective that serves you
  • A Mindfulness meditation recording you can use to manage stress
  • A self-care action plan to reduce stress and help you cope in times of difficulty
  • A workbook that enables you to create your unique Stressbuster Toolkit to help you manage and cope with stress.

“I really enjoyed this workshop – even though we were talking about stress, it was fun! Emma gave me the time to focus on the stress in my life and how it is affecting me. I now know I can do something about it and have an action plan to change the things I can control. Creating my own stress-busting toolkit gives me the confidence to cope with whatever life has in store.”

Lillie – Stress Busters Workshop

About your workshop host

Emma is a professional Coach, Positive Psychology practitioner and Mental Health First Aider. She has a special interest in Wellbeing Coaching and partners with her clients to help them rediscover optimum health and happiness for the mind, body, heart and soul. Emma combines transformational coaching with Mindfulness techniques to help clients develop a positive mindset, manage stress, make time for relaxation and exercise, create healthy sleep habits and implement a self-care practice to build resilience and thrive. Her clients describe her approach as warm, supportive, insightful and passionate: an ally who stands by their side to champion them on their journey of transformation. Emma delivers workshops, courses and one-to-one coaching for individuals and organisations.