Authentic Confidence

Grow your self-confidence in any area of life and banish Imposter Syndrome at work.

Date: Saturday 28 March 2020
Time: 10am to 1pm
Investment in your future: £30 per person
Location: Charminster, Bournemouth BH9
How to book: Click here to reserve your place on the workshop.

  • Explore the areas of your life where you feel under-confident and how this holds you back and keeps you safe.
  • Meet your Inner Critics – often the root cause of your lack of confidence – to understand when they’re triggered, what they say and how to quieten them.
  • Bring your Inner Confidence out of the shadows, develop this part of yourself that has always been hiding within, and learn how to draw upon it when needed.
  • Tapping into your Inner Confidence, we explore what authentic confidence means to you and who you can become – no copying, pretending or faking required!
  • Revisiting your life where lack of confidence has been holding you back, we explore the possibilities when you have your Inner Confidence by your side, and set powerful actions to move you forward.

“The workshop was fabulous in giving me a safe space to think about me, what brings me joy, what gets in the way and how to overcome these barriers”
Frances – Create your Joyful Life workshop participant

  • Your lack of confidence is crushing your dreams. You want to move forward but something always gets in the way and you want a boost of confidence to make your dreams a reality.
  • Opportunities come up that you’d like to try but saying yes feels like a very big step, so you don’t. You want to make the most of all the exciting possibilities that come your way without worry and overthinking.
  • You think you’re not really good enough for the job you’re paid to do (Imposter Syndrome) and you’re concerned you’re going to be ‘found out’. You want to feel confident at work and deliver to the standard you know you’re truly capable of.
  • Your lack of confidence is starting to affect who you are, your relationships and how you interact with the world around you. You want support and inspiration to step into the person you know you can become.

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  • A pre-workshop exercise designed to get you thinking about where you feel under-confident and how that impacts your life.
  • A 3-hour in-person workshop with a professional coach (that’s me!) and a small group of like-minded, lovely people (including you!).
  • A workbook containing all the notes and exercises from the workshop. We will focus on how to approach one area of your life with authentic confidence during the workshop and you will have all the practical tools to address other areas of your life in the same way.
  • Optional 90 minute coaching session at a discounted rate. If you need extra one-to-one, personalised support after the workshop, my door is always open.
  • Tea, coffee, water, fruit and biscuits.

“I really enjoyed this workshop. Emma gave me the time and space to focus on an area of my life where I was stuck, gain clarity of my vision for the future and set action steps to look for joy in all things.”
Lorraine – Create your Joyful Life workshop participant


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