What is Access Bars®?

Think of your mind as the most advanced, sophisticated computer: not only capable of processing enormous amounts of data and solving complex problems, but also boundless imagination and powerful emotions.

The computer screen is the conscious mind, everything we are aware of in the current moment, and the computer hard-drive is the unconscious mind, a huge memory bank that stores everything that has ever happened to us. All the ‘programmes’ that help us make sense of the world we live in, are stored in the computer hard-drive, the unconscious mind.

These programmes are learned throughout our lives, from childhood, our families, teachers and society, and they colour and shape how we experience life. However, some of these programmes may be ‘faulty’ and run as limiting beliefs, judgements and conclusions that cause us to struggle, feel stuck and hold ourselves back.  The programmes in the unconscious mind are often hidden from our awareness and we may not realise they exist, let alone how much they influence our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

For example, if we learn that the world is a wonderful place and life is full of exciting possibilities, that belief [programme] will live in our unconscious mind [computer hard-drive] and effect how we view ourselves, the people around us and the world at large.  This positive belief will shape how we experience everyday life [what shows up on the computer screen that the conscious mind is aware of] and drive positive thoughts, happy feelings and helpful behaviours that match the underlying belief.  The same example applies if we learn limiting beliefs such as we are are not good enough, we are not worthy of loving relationships, we do not deserve money and so on.

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Access Bars® is a gentle, hands-on energy healing therapy that deletes the faulty programmes to reformat your computer hard drive. By dissolving the limiting beliefs, judgements and conclusions in your unconscious mind, you will function differently. The negative thoughts, painful feelings and unwanted behaviours driven by the limiting beliefs are not as powerful and begin to loosen their grip. You are free to explore possibilities, make different choices, change what needs to change, and create a life without limits.

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