Wellbeing support for your organisation

I partner with organisations to support the delivery of their wellbeing and mental health agendas, offering online presentations and workshops on a variety of wellbeing topics, ‘Learn Mindfulness Meditation’ classes and Wellbeing Coaching for individual members of staff.

Presentations or webinars

I offer a range of one-hour / 90 minute presentations on a variety or wellbeing topics. Attendees receive a handout which summarises the key points of the presentation and includes coaching questions where they can personalise the learning and define action steps to apply in their day-to-day life.  Presentation topics include:

  • The Science of Happiness and Wellbeing
  • Mindfulness meditation: How to find peace in a frantic world
  • Building Personal and Professional Resilience
  • How to Manage Stress
  • The Power of Sleep
  • The Eight Hungers of Mindful Eating
  • Food to improve Mood and Wellbeing
Half day workshops

These inspirational half-day workshops take a coaching approach to explore wellbeing at the core of who we are: individuality, self-acceptance, purpose and fulfilment.  Each workshop offers a safe space for employees to get curious about what’s important to them, clarify what the ideal looks like and identify the courageous steps to get there.  Employees receive a workbook with the workshop notes and exercises, plus the practical tools they need to continue their journey of transformation. Workshop topics include:

  • Discover your Life Purpose
  • Tame your Inner Critics
  • Design your Best Life
  • Build Self-Confidence and banish Imposter Syndrome
  • All the presentation topics above can also be offered as half-day workshops.

“I really enjoyed this workshop. Emma gave me the time to focus on an area of my life where I was stuck and consider what I truly want.  I came away with clarity of vision, courage to change what doesn’t work and action steps to build my best life.”
Lorraine – Design your Best Life workshop participant

Learn Mindfulness Meditation classes

The simple definition of Mindfulness is; ‘to be aware of your own experience, moment to moment, without judgement’.  However, this explanation does not describe how Mindfulness helps us to rediscover the deep wellsprings of peace and contentment within us, nor how it liberates us from the frantic and relentless pace of daily life – a remarkable feat for a practise that is quick, easy and free!  Research has shown that committing to daily practise over a period of eight weeks is enough to see the benefits of Mindfulness – including freeing us from anxiety, stress, exhaustion, unhappiness and even depression.  The class programme includes 8 x 90-minute sessions delivered via Zoom.

“I’ve been trying the 3 Minute Breathing Space meditation for a few days now and it really helps.  It’s helped me re-focus and I feel more in control.  I now know I can prevent a panic attack by doing this Mindfulness meditation. Thank you Emma, this really works for me!”
Debbie – Mindfulness class student

Wellbeing coaching for your staff

Wellbeing Coaching offers your employees a safe, impartial space where they can talk to an independent professional about their wellbeing and mental health at work.  Employees can bring whatever they want to talk about to the session where they will be fully heard without judgement or criticism, perhaps for the first time in their lives.  Having the opportunity to talk freely in a safe space can be all that’s needed for an employee to find clarity, or we can coach their chosen topic, exploring what’s important, defining what they want and encouraging them to set actions that help move them forward. 

For organisations, wellbeing coaching is a proactive and preventative solution that supports your wellbeing and mental health strategy. It normalises wellbeing and mental health within the workplace, helping to make it part of the everyday conversation, and when employees know they can bring their whole selves to work, it boosts employee retention and engagement.

Get in touch

I am a professionally trained and qualified coach with a PCC credential from the International Coach Federation. I have a special interest in Resilience and Wellbeing and additional certificates in the Science of Wellbeing, Positive Psychology Coaching, Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and Mental Health First Aid. Please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss how I might help support the delivery of your organisation’s wellbeing and mental health agendas.