“I was drawn to the Mindful Eating programme because I was eating more than my body needed and putting on weight.  I’ve tried dieting, exercise, juicing and fasting over the years, but they hadn’t worked in the long term.  I knew I needed to do something about my relationship with food and exploring why and how I was eating was a different approach – I just knew Emma was the person to help me.  Not only have I become aware of my food choices and eating behaviours – and I’ve lost weight too – the skills I learned have helped me become mindful in other areas of my life as well.”

Anita Patel, Oxfordshire UK

“I signed up to the Mindful Eating programme in the hope of having a better understanding of my eating habits as well as becoming more accepting of my body. It ended up surpassing my expectations and went way beyond what I wanted to get out of it! I learned that eating is related to my emotions and is often a substitute for something else my body is yearning for – knowing this has really made me tune in and listen to what my body actually needs.  I know that when I’m tired, I need to rest rather than turning to food for energy.
Emma is a wonderfully practical and knowledgeable coach, whilst also being incredibly intuitive.  She would quickly pick up on things and we covered so much more than food in our sessions! It’s really helped me understand what I need to live a nourished and fulfilled life as a whole. I promise that if you sign up with Emma, you will get so much more than you bargained for – it’s the best gift you could give yourself!”

Jo Garside, London UK

“Emma exudes warmth and sensitivity: she put me naturally at ease in our sessions and encouraged me to talk things out in a safe space. Through a balance of careful listening and questioning she helped me identify and prioritise what is important to me and come up with actions to make positive change. As a result of her coaching, I have moved from feeling stuck to feeling empowered.”

Jenny, Yorkshire UK