“I’ve been lucky enough to work with Emma as she has guided me and my eating habits through the Mindful Eating programme. It’s been an eye-opener, an education and a lot of connecting of the dots to make sense of my relationship with food. I highly recommend this programme, Emma is a qualified coach, Reiki master and intuitive soul. My journey wouldn’t have been the same without her. And, a happy little by product of this programme is I’ve lost 3kg in 7 weeks – still eating whatever I want just more aware of why I eat! Thanks so much Emma.”

Anita Patel, Mindful Eating client


“Emma is a wonderfully practical and knowledgeable coach, whilst also being incredibly intuitive.  She would quickly pick up on things and we covered so much more than food in our sessions! It’s really helped me understand what I need to live a nourished and fulfilled life as a whole. I promise that if you sign up with Emma, you will get so much more than you bargained for – it’s the best gift you could give yourself!”

Jo Garside, Mindful Eating client

Praise from Mindful Eating clients


“I went to see Emma for a Reiki session and was very impressed, both by her abilities as an energy healer and by her professionalism. Emma gave a beautiful Reiki treatment – she was gentle, calm, attentive and respectful throughout. There was a stillness and a lightness in the room as she worked, and I could feel a warmth of energy coming from her wherever she placed her hands. It was a very peaceful and relaxing treatment. I will definitely go back to Emma for follow-up treatments, as I believe she has an incredible ability and she creates such a gentle and nurturing healing space.”

Caroline Low, Reiki client

“I can wholeheartedly recommend Reiki with Emma.
Her calmness will put you at ease, her knowledge and experience will give you
confidence and her skill will help you experience the very best of Reiki.
I’ll always be grateful to Emma for introducing me to Reiki; I can’t believe
that I managed so long without it!”

Liz Allinson, Reiki client

Praise from Reiki clients