What to expect during a Sound Healing treatment

In-person Sound Healing treatments take place in my peaceful and welcoming treatment room in my home in Bournemouth, Dorset in the UK.

Before your treatment there is a short consultation where we discuss your reasons for coming to Sound Healing.  You can tell me as much or as little as you wish and anything you choose to share with me will remain completely confidential. 

We then set your intentions so you can focus on the best possible outcome of your treatment. You remain fully clothed for the treatment, which takes place lying down on the treatment couch. You will be covered with a blanket and all you have to do is close your eyes and relax.

We open the treatment with the delicate sounds of the Tibetan Tingshas and a short guided Mindfulness meditation to help you relax and allow the gentle, harmonic sounds of the Singing Bowls to wash over you. The human body is a wonderful conductor of sound, and you will feel the waves of sonic vibration resonating with every cell of your body.

During the treatment, I work with my collection of beautiful Tibetan Singing Bowls, gently striking the bowls and circling them within your energy field to slowly introduce you to their soothing tones and vibrations. Then, I carefully place the singing bowls on your body and strike them rhythmically to instill a profound state of relaxation.

We work with the information you have shared during the consultation and the corresponding Tibetan Singing Bowl(s) to focus on any areas of pain and imbalance. I will strike the bowls quickly to ‘shake up’ and release any unwanted energies you no longer need to carry. Some sound healing treatments can be very loud and intense at this stage but please rest assured this is not the case with my Tibetan Singing Bowls. We then nourish the energy field with a sonic massage to restore the mind, body, heart and soul to balance and harmony.

The Sound Healing treatment closes with the soothing sounds of the Koshi Chimes, drifting into an extended period of silence. Silence is just as important as the healing sounds of the Tibetan Singing Bowls and allows you to receive and integrate everything you need from your treatment.

After the treatment, you can slowly return to the present with a glass of water while we discuss any observations and self-care advice. A Sound Healing treatment is incredibly powerful and can touch you in a way that no other healing modality can. It’s likely you will feel energised, more present in your body and in touch with your senses, revitalised and at peace.

How many Sound Healing treatments will I need?

Some of my clients book a Sound Healing treatment as a ‘tune-up’ when they are feeling under the weather, or need some time to relax, and just one treatment can make all the difference! Others have regular treatments to help them feel better, function better and sleep better and to maintain their overall health and wellbeing.

If you have a specific concern it is important to remember that it has taken years to create the current energy dynamic and a regular course of treatments will be needed to clear blocked energy, restore the energy system and strengthen it over time. Generally, the more long-standing the concern, the more Sound Healing treatments will be required. Energy healing is a process that is different for each person so we will discuss your Sound Healing treatment plan together, however there is no pressure to re-book and it is always your decision how you would like to proceed.


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