Reiki testimonials

Caro Low 200x200 “I went to see Emma for a Reiki session and was very impressed, both by her abilities as an energy healer and by her professionalism. Before the treatment started, Emma took time to check my health and wellbeing, explain the treatment and quickly put me at my ease. I thought she gave a beautiful Reiki treatment – she was gentle, calm, attentive and respectful throughout. There was a stillness and a lightness in the room as she worked, and I could feel a warmth of energy coming from her wherever she placed her hands. It was a very peaceful and relaxing treatment. After the treatment, Emma took the time to offer me water, give aftercare advice and advise me of any areas she felt had needed particular care. In the days following the treatment, I was impressed by the impact of the Reiki session on me. For example, I have suffered with eczema on my hands and wrist for many months, and only a few hours after Emma’s Reiki session the redness and irritation in the eczema completely calmed down, such that my eczema has virtually cleared up. I will definitely go back to Emma for follow-up treatments, as I believe she has an incredible ability and she creates such a gentle and nurturing healing space.”

— Caroline Low

Emily Simon 200x200 “I had my first ever Reiki treatment with Emma recently and it was an amazing experience.  I have never felt such a tangible effect during any other type of treatment, nor such rapid results afterwards.  The cold symptoms that had just come on when I saw Emma had disappeared by the following evening.  Emma has an extremely calm, reassuring, and meditative presence and takes you to a place of deep serenity. Absolutely recommend her for a complete body scan and if nothing else a total stress-buster!”

— Emily Simon

Amanda Norman 200x200 “I had the opportunity to receive a Reiki treatment by Emma and found the experience to be worthwhile and meaningful to me. Emma has a calm, kind and professional manner in her approach and I immediately felt at ease. Having had children and problematic birth experiences the treatment gravitated toward this and I felt it made a positive impact on me. I felt really well afterwards and would definitely return for another treatment. If anyone is thinking of Reiki I would highly recommend going to Emma.”

— Amanda Norman

Shannon Sergeant 200x200  “It is my pleasure to recommend Emma for a truly relaxing and therapeutic Reiki experience. Having had no prior knowledge of this restorative form of mind, body and spiritual treatment I was a little apprehensive of the benefits that the session could achieve. On arrival, Emma instantly made me feel at ease and talked me through what to expect during and concluding the treatment. This alleviated any worries I had been holding onto. Emma’s healing hands melted away my tensions, despite suffering the ill effects of having a cold at the time, so that my mind was transported to a place of pure peace and relaxation. The next day I was more than delighted that my cold had virtually disappeared. I am already scheduling my next session with Emma.”

— Shannon Sergeant

Sunset circle 200x200 “If you’ve never had Reiki before and want to see if it’s for you, then look no further. Emma explains the process and puts you completely at ease, making you feel safe and accepted. As the mother of a toddler and having a highly emotive job, I was not certain I would be able to relax enough to engage with the experience: I was wrong. Emma’s ability to shift and channel energy and her total commitment to your wellbeing is commendable. This is an experience I am sure I will revisit time and time again.”

— Jackie Lawson

Kerry Jackson 200x200 “I recently went to see Emma for a Reiki session.  I really didn’t know what to expect but went with an open mind and was looking forward to the experience.  Emma made me feel totally relaxed and explained what she would be doing and there were absolutely no expectations.  I was amazed at how quickly I could feel the heat around my head area and I felt a real sense of release around my neck and shoulders.  I would highly recommend Emma for a Reiki treatment.  She is very professional and makes you feel really comfortable and relaxed.  Thank you Emma!”

— Kerry Jackson

Najin Hipkiss  “I saw Emma for my first Reiki session in March 2017.  I am the kind of person that’s usually so sceptical about relaxation techniques and meditation – I just can’t sit and relax and concentrate and would rather keep busy and run around.  Well, the session was lovely from the beginning to end.  Emma has a beautifully decorated treatment room which is really important I think.  She explained what Reiki is and what would happen during the treatment.  It sounded really fascinating and I was willing to try it.  When I first lay down, admittedly, as usual my mind was racing about my chores for the day after, thinking this isn’t really going to work.  Then, suddenly, I felt this heat over my face, almost like someone was holding a heat lamp over me.  I didn’t open my eyes as I was so intrigued and wanted to take it all in.  Then, as the session went on, and when Emma held my hand, my thoughts turned to a friend who’d passed away that morning from cancer.  I’d been devastated by the news and so heartbroken, however, I didn’t understand why I hadn’t processed it and cried.  Then, during the session the tears just started flowing and flowing.  I could not stop them.  I could not believe how one session of Reiki helped me to get my emotions out and not bottle them up.  That night again, in bed, there were lots of tears, and again the next day.  I am feeling so calm.  I was so sad because of our loss but coped so well, as Reiki enabled me to grieve and not trap my emotions and sadness inside.  So, from a true sceptic, yes, I recommend anyone to try Reiki.  You’ve got nothing to lose and you may be pleasantly surprised.  Thank-you Emma, you were so professional, gentle, informative and caring.”

— Najin Hipkiss

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