Reiki is a natural energy healing therapy that brings the mindbody, heart and soul into balance and harmony, supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Some of my clients book a Reiki treatment for an energy boost when they’re not feeling themselves, yet for those struggling with life’s challenges, Reiki offers a holistic approach to health and wellbeing that can help with a variety of conditions.

  • Self-care and wellbeing
    Even if you have no specific health concerns, regular Reiki treatments can maintain overall health and help you feel better, function better and sleep better. Used as a preventative measure, Reiki empowers you to maintain your own vitality and wellbeing instead of waiting until a health complaint makes itself known.
  • Mind : Reiki restores mental peace 
    Calming an overthinking mind  ∙  improving mood  ∙  relieving anxiety and panic attacks  ∙  relieving the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) read more…  ∙  supporting recovery from depression read more…
  • Body : Reiki restores physical wellbeing 
    Promoting deep relaxation to relieve stress  ∙  reducing physical pain, including back pain  ∙  speeding recovery from injuries and surgery  ∙  supporting positive lifestyle choices such as improving the diet and reducing dependence on alcohol and tobacco  ∙  improving insomnia and the quality of sleep  ∙  improving digestion  ∙  supporting the wellbeing of cancer patients during treatment.
  • Heart : Reiki restores emotional balance 
    Releasing blocked emotions  ∙  relieving emotional distress and restoring emotional stability  ∙  supporting the grieving process  ∙  improving, releasing or recovering from difficult relationships read more…  ∙  reducing overwhelm and despair  ∙  supporting recovery from emotional burnout.
  • Soul : Reiki restores spiritual joy 
    Enabling clarity of thought and decision-making  ∙  instilling a sense of meaning and purpose  ∙  restoring a positive outlook  ∙  improved self-esteem  ∙  supporting spiritual exploration and awakening  ∙  spiritual guidance: answers to the big questions!  (Please note: Reiki is not a religion. A Reiki treatment will not compromise any religious beliefs you may have and you do not have to believe anything specific to benefit from a Reiki treatment.)
  • Women’s health and wellbeing
    I also love working with women at every stage of their fertility journey including women trying to conceive: naturally or with assisted conception read more…  ∙  pregnant Mums-to-be  ∙  post-natal Mums recovering from traumatic birth, Caesarean section or post-natal PTSD  ∙  new Mums struggling with post-natal anxiety or depression  ∙  Mums juggling the demands of motherhood  ∙  women navigating perimenopause, menopause and beyond.

Reiki brings real and lasting change, guiding you back to optimum health so you can feel like your best self again.

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