Reiki prices and packages

I offer extended Reiki appointments because your wellbeing is more important than the clock. 

Please allow around 90 minutes for your Reiki appointment which includes time to:

  • Explain what Reiki is, how it can help you and what will happen during the treatment.
  • Discuss your reasons for coming to Reiki in a safe, supportive space
  • If you’d prefer to cut the chat, close your eyes and just relax, that’s fine too!
  • Set intentions for the treatment to come
  • A 50-minute Reiki treatment
  • Return to the present with a glass of water, discuss any observations from the treatment and after-care advice.

Your first Reiki treatment – half price at £25
Individual Reiki treatments – £50

Reiki treatments for children up to 16 years old – £25

Reiki is gentle, safe and very effective at reducing stress and anxiety in babies, toddlers and children of all ages.  Please allow up to 45 minutes for this appointment which includes a 25 minute Reiki treatment.

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