Benefits of Reiki

Reiki can help anyone, no matter what their circumstances are, and the gentle, positive energy can be safely used by people of all ages including children, pregnant mothers, surgical patients, the elderly and even pets!  I believe there is no condition that would not benefit from Reiki.

Reiki works to clear energy blockages on four levels – the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – and bring them back into balance and harmony.  For this reason, it can help with a variety of conditions including:

  • calming the mind to reduce stress and overwhelm
  • improving insomnia and the quality of sleep
  • reducing pain
  • helping patients recover from surgery
  • relieving anxiety and depression
  • improving the wellbeing of cancer patients
  • releasing blocked emotions, relieving emotional distress and supporting the grieving process
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Even if you have no specific health concerns, a Reiki treatment is time out of your busy life to detach from everyday worries and reconnect with yourself.  It is a deeply relaxing, nurturing experience that reduces stress and promotes a calmer response to life’s challenges.  Many of my clients report feeling a sense of tranquillity and wellbeing directly after the treatment.  A day or two later, they describe a sense of renewed energy and improved mental clarity that stays with them long after the treatment.  Regular Reiki treatments can also be used as part of your own personal wellness programme to maintain overall health.  Used as a preventative measure, Reiki empowers you to manage your own health instead of waiting until a health complaint makes itself known.

Ultimately, the best way to understand the benefits of Reiki is to have a treatment yourself. When you feel the flow of energy and experience the sense of peace, you will know what Reiki means to you.

Medical Disclaimer

Reiki is the art of energy healing and is intended to complement, not substitute, conventional medical care and clinical treatment. I am unable to diagnose or treat medical conditions and will not interfere with any treatment prescribed by a medical professional. I will endeavour to do my very best to help you but cannot offer any guarantees.

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