Reiki Open Day

Reiki Open Day

Try a free mini Reiki treatment

Are you curious about Reiki? Do you want to know more about what energy healing is and how Reiki can help you? Would you like to try Reiki so you can experience the benefits for yourself?

Open Day 1: Friday 7 February – five appointments available from 9.30am to 2.45pm.
Open Day 2: Saturday 8 February – two appointments available from 10.30am to 12.15pm.
Price: FREE
Location: Charminster, Bournemouth BH9
How to book: Click here to book your free mini Reiki treatment.

What happens during the mini Reiki treatment?
  • The treatments take place in my peaceful and welcoming Reiki room in my home in Charminster, Bournemouth BH9 – there is plenty of parking on the road.
  • We will have a short consultation before the treatment where I will explain what Reiki is, how it can help you and you can ask any questions.
  • The taster treatment is 20 minutes (a full-length treatment is 50 minutes) where you lie on the treatment couch, fully-clothed, with a pillow and snuggly blanket. All you have to do is relax and listen to the peaceful music.
  • I channel healing Reiki energy to you by placing my hands over your body – either hovering or lightly touching. There is no pressure or massage.
  • You may feel a flow of energy, heat, cold or mild tingling. You may see colours or light. Or, you may find the treatment so relaxing that you drift off to sleep!
  • After the treatment, you can return to the present with a glass of water and we will discuss how you’re feeling, any observations and after-care advice.
  • While the Reiki taster treatment is 20 minutes, please allow 45 minutes for your appointment.

Please do email me at if you have any questions that you’d like answering before booking your free mini Reiki treatment.

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“I was very impressed by Emma’s abilities as an energy healer and by her professionalism. Emma gave a beautiful Reiki treatment – she was calm, attentive and respectful throughout. There was a stillness and a lightness in the room as she worked. I believe she has an incredible ability and she creates such a gentle and nurturing healing space.”
CL, Reiki Client