My Mindful Eating story

As a professional Mindful Eating coach, I help you rediscover a healthy relationship with food, eating and body.

This truly matters to me because I understand what it’s like to struggle with weight and body image, and develop a relationship with food that swings from dieting and deprivation through to rebellion and over-eating.

I’ve tried countless diets over many years: I diligently read the books, memorised the long lists of foods I could and couldn’t eat, created menu plans and set about losing the pounds. And so, the cycle of striving to be slim would begin… again. With each disappointing weigh-in, hope and determination would fade, rebellion would creep in and eventually the diet would collapse… again. I joined a weight-loss club, thinking the embarrassing public weigh-in plus the community support would keep me on track. It worked for a while, but when I struggled the weight loss Consultant couldn’t help.

I worked hard to set myself up for dieting success and even though I knew what I should be doing, I just couldn’t stick to the eating plan.

It was about this time that I turned to Mindfulness to calm my over-thinking mind and find peace amidst the frantic pace of day-to-day life. I started out with informal home practice then went on to study an eight-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course. Over the years, Mindfulness has become a powerful antidote to stress and exhaustion, and the most reliable tool for quieting the chattering mind-monkeys! I practice Mindfulness every day and when I am feeling frazzled, I trust Mindfulness to help me return to peace.

Mindfulness practice automatically made me more aware of my food choices, eating habits and how I berated my body. I came to understand that while I was fully aware of the self-imposed rules and restrictions around food, there were auto-pilot eating behaviours and well-hidden food habits I was not so conscious of. I realised what I was eating was only half the story: why and how I was eating was equally important. Through a mindful approach to food and eating, I found Eye Hunger (hello see-food diet!) and Mind Hunger were running the show so I never felt hungry. I also hadn’t shaken off the childhood habit of clearing my plate, and I used emotional eating to soothe difficult feelings. Mindful Eating became a series of revelations and at last I understood why the previous weight-loss attempts hadn’t worked. It wasn’t lack of willpower, I wasn’t a failure, I was just out of touch with the wisdom of my body.

Today, I understand exactly what is driving my desire to eat and when it’s not physical hunger, I know how to nourish myself without food.  Or, if I choose to eat when I’m not hungry, I do so with full awareness and savour every, single mouthful.  Perhaps the most powerful learning is ‘checking-in’ with my body, relying in its wisdom and trusting that it really is the expert and holds all the answers to my food and eating challenges.

Mindful Eating helped me find the ‘middle way’: not going to extremes in either direction but finding a balance. It’s not always a straight road and sometimes I wobble along it, occasionally going off-track, but Mindful Eating helps me notice when I need to adjust my course. Mindful Eating is a lifelong practice, yet the curiosity and awareness it brings empowers me to make the choices that are right for me.

I would love to help you heal your relationship with
food, eating and body.

I offer a warm and compassionate coaching partnership to explore your unique challenges within a safe space, free from judgement and criticism. I know it can be difficult to look into our struggles with food, eating and body as they can be the source of anxiety, guilt and shame.  Exploring the root of these challenges is the only way to see through them and find a more balanced way forward.  Mindful Eating coaching brings real and lasting change and I would love to support you on your journey to rediscover a peaceful relationship with food, eating and body image.  Please click here to book a free, no-obligation coaching call to find out more – I’d love to hear your story.

Wishing you love and light until we meet,

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