Life Coaching

Who are you? What is important to you? What is your dream? And what do you want for your one wild and precious life?

With the responsibilities of family, work, paying the bills and all the ‘other stuff’ it’s easy to forget you have a choice and you may start to feel stuck, off-balance or that there’s something missing. This is where life coaching can help: giving you the clarity, confidence and courage to live life on your terms.

The relationship between client and coach is unlike any other. It is a safe space based on truth, trust and 100% confidentiality. A space that is filled with curiosity and possibility yet without judgement or blame. Coaching explores the present and the future: where you are now and where you want to be, and takes you on a journey of powerful transformation.

I have helped my life coaching clients to:

  • Create more balance in their lives, between their family, work and time for themselves.
  • Focus on where they feel something is missing and help create the building blocks to a more meaningful life.
  • Explore areas where they feel stuck and support them to make small changes towards big improvements.
  • Turn a long-held dream into reality by supporting them to set and achieve their goals.
  • Map out their career path and support them to take the next steps towards a fulfilling career.

I am often asked if an issue or goal is appropriate for coaching.  If you have used energy to think or talk about it, it’s important to you and worth exploring. There is no topic too big or too small for coaching so bring all of you!

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My commitment – your investment