Cutting negative energy cords with Reiki

Creating connections with other people is an important part of what makes us human. In our close relationships – with our partner, family, friends and work colleagues – we not only make a physical connection but also an energetic connection. These unseen energy links are known as energy cords, or etheric cords, and are created naturally between the energy fields of people we become close to.

When we are in a healthy relationship, the energy cords are beneficial with positive energy flowing both ways, making us feel connected and uplifted. However, energy cords can also be unhealthy, with energy flowing only one way making us feel low and tired when we think of, or spend time with, that person. Energy cords are created throughout our lives and over the years, we can have many energy cords attached to our energy field, even those that remain even after a relationship has come to an end. This is why it’s so important to cut the negative, unhealthy energy cords that may be draining our precious life force energy.

How to know if you have negative energy cords 
Firstly, it’s important to know that energy cords are created naturally, without knowledge or intention, so if you feel there is an unhealthy energy cord, it doesn’t matter who created it and there is no need for blame or judgement.

Energy cords within current relationships

  • You’re in a relationship with someone who makes you feel low, tired or drained when you spend time with them. In extreme circumstances, you can start to feel unwell or feel pain in their presence.
  • Your communications are strained, difficult and highly charged. It’s not your intention but most conversations end in argument.
  • When you’re not in the same physical space, they still take up a lot of your mental and emotional energy which leaves you feeling depleted.
  • A previous romantic relationship or close friendship has broken down and you feel anxiety, anger or resentment when you have to see or speak to them.

Energy cords with past relationships

  • You’re unable to stop thinking about someone you no longer have a relationship with. Perhaps you follow their activities on social media, or via mutual friends, and find yourself obsessing about what they’re doing without you.
  • You have uncomfortable dreams about the person – this can also happen within a current relationship.
  • Even though the relationship has come to an end, you’re unable to move on, perhaps tempted to return to a relationship that does not serve you.
  • You have conversations in your mind, perhaps replaying arguments so you can re-process the past.

Energy cords with people who have passed on

  • Energy cords can continue after death and while grief is a normal reaction to losing a person you love, an energy cord (both healthy and unhealthy) may extend the grieving process and make it difficult for you to accept the loss and move forward.

“I went to Emma for some healing after a difficult break-up and she suggested cutting the negative energy cords with my ex-partner. I was a little sceptical but after the treatment I noticed a big difference. When I thought about my ex-partner, I didn’t have the same anger and resentment towards him. And when I had to see him, there was much less anxiety. I now realise we had separated everything except our energetic connection and I’m so grateful to feel free for the first time in years.”
SC – Reiki Client

Cutting negative energy cords – what to expect
Cutting energy cords within current relationships is not about leaving or detaching yourself from another person, and does not diminish your relationships with your partner, family or friends. Cutting energy cords simply removes the dysfunctional energy drain that may have been negatively affecting you, while preserving the beneficial energy cords. This enables a healthy flow of energy to be re-established so you can restore a loving connection and re-build your relationship.

Cutting energy cords with a person from a past relationship, or with someone who has passed on, removes the mental and emotional ‘charge’ of the relationship so you can feel more balanced when you think of them.

After a cord cutting treatment, your negative energetic attachment to the person has been dissolved so you feel lighter, calmer and more energised. As your mind no longer dwells on the person in the same way, you will experience peace-of-mind, emotional stability and a new sense of freedom.

“I struggled with my Mum and I dreaded seeing her. I became ‘wallpaper’ when I was with her to hide my anxiety, and I often left feeling tired and drained. After the cord-cutting treatment, I felt like I was able to ‘stand tall’ for the first time, like a huge weight had been lifted. When I next saw my Mum, I was much more balanced and she was calmer too. I feel like our relationship now has a future.”
DG – Reiki Client

A cord cutting with Reiki treatment
When you arrive for your Reiki appointment, we will discuss your reasons for coming to Reiki and how your relationships may be negatively affecting you. You remain fully clothed for the cord-cutting treatment and there are no sharp implements involved!

We start with a guided visualisation to locate and identify the cord(s).  We then separate the energies, returning their energy and reclaiming your energy from them. We set the intention to cut the cords and I use Reiki energy to cut and heal the roots of the cords for both parties. We continue to identify additional cords and repeat the process as necessary, finishing with a Reiki healing treatment to strengthen and balance your energy field. After the treatment comes to an end, you can slowly return to the present with a glass of water while we discuss how you’re feeling, any observations and after-care advice.

It’s important to remember that you may have multiple cords – with one person or many – and it may take a number of cord-cutting treatments to remove all the cords and heal your energy field. You may also need to take practical steps to prevent re-cording and I am happy to coach you through this process, helping you identify the actions you would like to take and supporting you to put them in place.

If you’re struggling with a personal relationship that you want to improve for the sake of your marriage, friendship or career, please consider a Reiki cord-cutting treatment to remove the negative energy cords and restore the love and respect between you. Alternatively, if you’d like help to let go of a past relationship for the benefit of your own mental health and well-being, cutting the energy cords with Reiki is a gentle, effective treatment that will help you move on and look to the future with positivity.

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