Coaching testimonials


Alexander Strahl Emma is one of a kind. She is truly passionate about coaching and her clients. She is gentle but also pushes you as a client, challenging you to take an extra step towards fulfilling your potential.  She listens carefully and has a special ability to connect the dots and cut through the noise.  Emma helped me to become aware of some truly important personal topics, to understand myself better and to take sensible actions. Her enthusiasm and energy is infectious. Work with Emma if you have a chance:  she will have a positive impact on you and your life.

— Alexander Strahl, Frankfurt, Germany

Michael Butcher 200x200px I’d been looking into Life Coaching for a while and, through a contact at work, was introduced to Emma. It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable experience working with her – she’s really helped me to clarify some aspects of what I’m aiming for, as well as giving me quite a general kick up the proverbial to move me along when I was appearing sluggish! Really looking forward to continuing to work with her in the future. Would recommend to any and all!

— Michael Butcher, Dorset UK

Kim Woodcock circle 2 Emma has a way of enabling you to get to the crux of the matter, whether that’s an issue that you want to resolve or a goal you want to reach. My coaching sessions with Emma have helped me to identify what it is I want to do, not what I think I should do, and have helped me to instigate the small changes that really have made a big difference in my life. I didn’t appreciate the power of coaching before but I do now; everyone needs a coach like Emma in their lives!

— Kim Woodcock, Dorset UK

Anny I really enjoyed coaching with Emma. It gave me time to focus on something important to me and the opportunity to develop my thinking was really helpful. Emma helped me to explore different perspectives which was fascinating and I realised that my default approach wasn’t necessarily the best! It felt safe to open up to Emma – I didn’t feel rushed or under pressure and she is warm and encouraging. If everyone had an hour of coaching a week, the world would be a better place!

— Anny, Dorset UK

Bryony Rowntree 200x200 I always know that Emma is completely with me when she coaches me.  She holds our coaching sessions with compassion and clarity.  I know she wouldn’t let me get away with anything (which is exactly what is needed!) and holds what is important to me, be it my agenda, visions or emotions with respect and love.

— Bryony Rowntree, Yorkshire UK

Hydrangea circle 200x200 Emma is warmth and strength personified. As I talk through the ramblings in my brain, she hears such distinct clarity and plays the words back to me as if they have always been there. Following a coaching session with Emma I feel calm, clear and supported in the belief that it is absolutely possible to take the action that I have been fearing. Always there, always smiling and always on my side (challenging but on my side!).

— Chloe Walton, London UK

Crocus circle 200 x 200 I have been coached by Emma several times, when we were training together with the Coaches Training Institute, and since we both completed the course. Each time Emma has coached me I have learnt something new about myself. Her coaching is instinctive. She’ll make a suggestion or an observation that is absolutely spot on, and often, it was often only after the session had finished that I would realise how important it was. She’s empathetic, warm and funny, while also comfortable to challenge me and hold me to account – which is exactly what I wanted. I loved being coached by Emma.

— Lisa, Surrey UK

Orchid circle 200x200 Emma exudes warmth and sensitivity, she put me naturally at ease in our sessions and she encouraged me to talk things out in a safe space. I came to Emma for coaching when I felt completely overwhelmed by my life; my mind was spinning with so many thoughts that I just felt frozen and unable to take any action to improve my situation. Through a balance of careful listening and questioning she helped me to identify and prioritise what is important to me and come up with actions towards making positive change. As a result of her coaching I am enjoying my life more, I have moved from feeling stuck to feeling empowered to do the things that I actually want to do. Thank you Emma.

— Jenny, Yorkshire UK

Flower circle 200 x 200 Emma has been guiding and supporting me over the last six months, as I build up my healing and meditation practice.  Her passion and enthusiasm is infectious. She guided me through my goals, offering clarity and step-by-step actions to keep me moving forward.  I know that Emma has been instrumental in helping me to discover my ideal client and my life purpose.  I value her input immensely and can definitely see the difference it has made to me and my business.

— Caroline Partridge, Hertfordshire UK

Louise circle 200x200 Emma really made me think about things differently, which I wouldn’t have done without her help.  She asked all the right questions, uncovered the heart of the matter and it has been really helpful to have that extra insight into the situation.  Together, we worked through the next steps and the actions I needed to take to improve the situation.  And today, I still call on the knowledge I gained from our coaching and put it into practice on a regular basis.

— Louise, Hampshire UK

Sara Cook 200x200 I worked with Emma to get in touch with my Inner Critic, realising how I was talking to myself and what was holding me back. She held the space for me to talk and think through what I wanted in both my life and my business and kept me accountable. I am grateful to Emma for her professionalism and kindness, and I continue to use the techniques I learnt with Emma to create a life that I love to live! I would recommend Emma as a coach because there is more to life than sitting around wishing for something better or beating yourself up with stories you have made up in your head.  You have to take action to live your best life and Emma can support you. Go on, you know you want to!!

— Sara Cook, Founder of More to Life Club

Sunset circle 200x200 Coaching with Emma was really positive.  She is a natural coach, really easy to talk to and makes it safe to open up. We explored the topic together and Emma helped me get to the heart of the matter. She helped me realise some really important things. It was a fascinating process: only when you get to explore thoughts and feelings in detail do you realise that what’s behind it is not always what you thought it was! I think coaching is amazing and could benefit people in all sorts of ways.

— Katie, Dorset UK