What to expect during an Access Bars® session?

Access Bars® sessions take place in my peaceful and welcoming treatment room in my home in Bournemouth, Dorset.

Before your session, we discuss where you might be struggling or feeling stuck and what you’d like to change. You remain fully-clothed for the session, which takes place lying down on the treatment couch, and you will be offered a blanket and a bolster under your knees to keep you comfortable.

During the session, I gently touch the 16 Bars of energy that run through and around your head. The Bars connect at specific points that correlate to different aspects of your life including your body, money, relationships, health, creativity, joy, peace and calm (to name a few!). These points are where you store all the limiting beliefs, judgements, conclusions and negative thoughts that may be keeping you stuck. By gently touching these points on your head, your body becomes deeply relaxed while your mind releases the electromagnetic charge of these limiting points of view. It’s like hitting the delete button on a computer hard-drive. Whatever was holding you back begins to dissolve, so you are free to explore different possibilities, change what needs to change, and create the life you desire.

Access Bars image 1a (1)

You may experience sensations of tingling, warmth, buzzing or waves of heat or cold. You may have images appear in your mind or moments of beautiful clarity, or you may be so deeply relaxed that you drift off to sleep! There is no right or wrong way to experience an Access Bars session and your experience may be different every time. The best way to understand what Access Bars feels like is to try it for yourself!

After the session, you can slowly return to the present with a glass of water while we discuss how you’re feeling, any observations and self-care advice. You may feel a sense of space and lightness after the session. The mind chatter will be quiet allowing you to access your inner knowing and truth. The past no longer projects onto the present in the same way and with more freedom to choose, life becomes easier.

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